Using only experienced blinds specialists, Ultra-Clean Blinds will remove blinds that are mouldy, grimy, dirty or dusty at a time that is convenient to you. The dirty blinds are taken away and put through Ultra-Clean Blinds distinctive blind cleaning process.

The Process

Piezoelectric transducers are attached to the cleaning tank. They generate ultrasound waves that vibrate the cleaning fluid at very high velocity, creating a process called cavitation. Millions of tiny bubbles implode within the solution and penetrate into every orifice of the item being cleaned, removing dirt and grime within seconds.

The Chemicals

The use of ultrasound waves in the cleaning process means that we can clean blinds using minimal amounts of detergent, with no need for solvents or caustic solutions, which means that the process is environmentally friendly, yet effective.

Commercial Clients

Commercial Partners

We work with several construction companies on a regular basis. In utilizing our service to refurbish rather than replace existing blinds, our construction partners are able to pass a significant saving to their customers. We are able to securely store large numbers of blinds during building cleans or refurbishments.


European law gives employers a responsibility for ensuring a clean and safe working environment. Ultra-Clean Blinds will work with you to not only meet this responsibility, but also save money.


Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning has a number of clear and measurable benefits;

Working environment

Sick office syndrome occurs when bacteria are allowed to live on furniture, fixtures and fittings. They may not be visible, but bacteria thrive in the fabric of window blinds. Research shows that the ultrasonic process kills practically all bacteria. A clean healthy office means clean healthy employees and a reduction in staff absence.


What does your office say about your business? Appearance is crucial in business and we can work with you to make sure that you give the best possible impression.


Old blinds need not be discarded and added to landfill – we can clean and repair blinds without compromising on the look.


A proactive approach to blind maintenance will prolong the life of your blinds, saving you money on replacement blinds.